Basic Learning Tools

Here is a list of links for anyone learning one of these basic education skills.   These are FREE online resources.


  • Online Dictionaries – Learn the meaning of English words.  Use the audio button to hear how to say them. 
  • ReadWorks – Improve reading abilities.  Start reading short essays on lots of different topics at the Kindergarten level and move on up.  There are quizzes and written exercises a mentor can monitor online.
  • Google Images – Find pictures of new words.
  • Google Maps – View places around the world from street level to global satellite.
  • Memory Games – Play games to improve your memory.   
  • XtraMath – Get really fast recalling basic Math facts.
  • Typing Club – Become a touch typist with
  • Teach a child how to hold a pencil ergonomically so writing is effortless.

Dictionary & Thesaurus



Picture and Map Search

Memory Games

Math Facts Fast



Physical Education

If you have a resource you suggest adding to this list, please contact Vanessa Ott: