What To Buy


Piano Books

This section under construction.  Last update: 8/20/17.

Click here to see the Faber Piano Adventures curriculum overview of the leveled books for various age groups.  Below, there are two links for each beginner level.  One link opens the Faber “Level Wheel” with hyperlinked pictures of books and materials for that level.  The other link opens a detailed catalog compiled by Ms. Ott of required and optional curriculum materials.  You must acquire the required materials before scheduling your first lesson.

Ages 5-6: My First (A)

Ages 7-9:  Primer

Ages 10-11:  Level 1

Ages 11- 17: Accelerated 1

Adult 1

Keyboards, Pianos, Metronomes

You can’t take lessons without an instrument. Click here for some tips on choosing your keyboard or piano and a metronome.

(file updated:  7/2/17)

CD Player

Most of the Faber Piano Adventures curriculum is enhanced with CDs that provide accompaniments to songs in the music lessons.  So you will want something that can play CDs such a a computer, boom box, or CD player with a speaker.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, many of the lesson books have a player app you can use instead of the CD.  Click here for more information.