Circle of Fifths

 More info about the relationships between the keys is available at:  

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How to Hold a Pencil (L.H. & R.H.)

There is a right way to hold a pencil and paper when you write, and there's a wrong way.  The right way, described in the PDF, affords maximum ergonomics and muscle relaxation.  This enables a writer to have beautiful penmanship with minimum ease, and prevents repetitive stress when using writing implements.

It is a poignant commentary on the U.S. public education system that so many people don't know how to hold a pencil.  Public schools don't teach children how to hold a pencil properly any more.  How stupid is that?  But, you don't have to be handicapped by your past.  As any musician can tell you, bad finger habits can be corrected with diligent practice and mindfulness.  Train your little ones how to hold a pencil properly, and start by retraining yourself if you're not doing it properly either.  This PDF file can help.

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