Weekly Lessons: $30 per half hour... Hawai‘i GE tax.  The 1st lesson is always 1 hour ($60).  You can take weekly lessons that are 30, 45, or 60 minutes long depending on how quickly you want to progress and how much time you have to practice.  Lessons longer than 30 minutes are not recommended for children under the age of 10 or busy teenagers.

Required: Books

I use the Faber Piano Adventures curriculum published by Hal Leonard.  There are a few required books you need to acquire before your 1st lesson (approx. $30-$40).  Click here to read more.

Required: Instrument

You need an instrument before you start.  A piano or electronic keyboard will do.  There are pros and cons to both.  At a minimum, an electronic keyboard must have at least 76 keys (check the specifications before you buy) and a sustain pedal.  A piano has 88 keys so keyboards with 88 keys are optimum, but usually more expensive.  You'll also need a bench.  Generally, the more you spend, the more comfortable they are.

Required: Metronome

Tempo and rhythm are the foundation of music, so a metronome is essential.  There are numerous metronome apps for iOS and android devices ($1 - $2+).  Almost every electronic keyboard has a metronome built in.  You can download your keyboard's manual from the manufacturer's web site, and search for the keyword "metronome" to learn how to use it.  

For piano players with no smart phone, visit a local music store and pick up an old-fashioned, extremely delicate, expensive, wind-up, stand-alone metronome which never requires batteries.  Or there's the modern cousin, an electronic metronome.  A word of caution abut  inexpensive electronic metronomes that require batteries.  That's a hungry, insatiable metronome.  The cream of the crop electronic metronome these days is the Boss DB-90 Dr. Beat which is expensive, but has an AC adapter (PSA-series ) as well as lots of other  features.

Kailua Music School Registration Fee: $25

There is a one-time school registration fee.  Only one fee per family, regardless the number of children in the family who are students.  KMS waives the fee for active military families stationed in Oahu.  Simply bring s military ID to the first lesson.  Read more on the "Getting Started" page.

Optional & Highly Recommended: Piano Adventures Music Accompaniments

 Although you can get by with a metronome, the audio supports are what make the Piano Adventures curriculum so much fun!  They cost a little extra ($5-$10 per level or songbook), but it's great to be able to "play along with the band."  There is a fabulous app for iPhones/iPads that enables you to adjust the speed of the accompaniment playback.  Android users can use the CDs.  Click here to read more. 


Optional: Additional Sheet Music

 There's always more sheet music (single songs or whole books) a pianist could buy.  I've been doing it for the past 40 years and my parents did it for me for over a decade before that.  Piano Adventures offers delightful songbooks of different genres at all levels.   Some, not all,  have audio supports. So, if you like playing with the music accompaniments, be sure to check the free iOS app after you download it or the Complete Catalog for CDs (starting on p. 82) to see which books have music accompaniments available.